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    An Immersive Glimpse Into A Syrian Family’s Struggle For a New Life

    It’s often nearly impossible to comprehend what people on the other side of the globe are actually experiencing in their day-to-day lives. Add in extreme circumstances that the majority of us have never had to deal with, and it becomes even harder to fathom. The Journey to Europe is a pure depiction of a group of Syrian refugees, trying to relocate and reestablish ...

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  • Tattooed hands with a digit missing. A traditional Japanese tattoo, as used often by the Yakuza, Is a very old and time-consuming process of manually sticking a stick with at the point several sharp inked needles in the skin. This has to happen at a precise angle (depending on skin thickness) and at a precise speed (120/minute), and this is a skill that only traditional Japanese tattoo masters possess. The result is an intricacy, a color palette and a pattern which is not possible with the modern way of tattooing with a machine.Master Tattooist Hori Sensei invites you, he does not accept regular clients. With him, completing a traditional Japanese tattoo takes about 100 hours, can cost up to $10,000, and a schedule of daily or weekly visits needs to be made. As a client, you have only a little say in the design of the tattoo. Hori Sensei determines what is best for you after taking time to talk to you and to get to know you. Only a few traditional Japanese tattoo experts are still alive today in Japan. - 2009
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    An Initmate Look at The Yakuza Syndicate

    Anton Kusters, a Belgian photographer, spent two years, living among members of a Japanese Yakuza family and documenting their daily life. He managed to gain enough trust to be allowed to document some of the most intimate and sacred Yakuza traditions. This 6 minute piece published by The Economist features Kusters narrating some of the most poignant images from his two year journey into ...

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    Ronda Rousey Fires Shots at Mayweather and his Domestic Violence

    Ronda Rousey takes a perfectly constructed shot at Floyd Mayweather and his history of domestic violence. It clearly shows Ronda not only possesses incredible talent but also a quick wit and a sharp memory, as she manages to slip in a reference to an earlier video where Mayweather pretends to not know who she is. All we can say is ‘ouch’… We’d ...

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    A Heart Wrenching Tribute to a Man’s Best Friend

    This short film is an extremely emotive tribute to Ben Moon’s dog and best friend, Denali. When Moon, a photographer based out of Portland Oregon, was diagnosed with stage 3+ colorectal cancer back in 2004, Denali was on hand to provide Ben with the strength to survive his chemo and win his battle with cancer. Now, with the tables turned, in his ...

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    How The Y is Keeping up With the Times

    We’re pretty proud of this one. Not just because our designer and contributor, TC Rennie, came up with and helped develop the idea, but because it helps position the YMCA where it should be; leading the way when it comes to helping young adults reach their full potential. Not only that but it does it in a fresh, modern way that proves organisations ...

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  • Yasin Bey

    Words From Yasiin Bey

    Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def is always one of the most insightful and provocative personalities you’ll come across. This interview is no different. Yasiin drops some pure gems of wisdom speaking on a number of topics. In this day and age of disposable content it’s particularly inspiring to hear him talk about the time and effort he puts in to creating his ...

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